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Hello! I am Megan.
I graduated Chemical Engineering in UP Diliman. I am a visionary.

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Well, I remembered one year ago we took this personality test from HR and I got ENTJ. 

Hmm. I didnt pay so much attention to it then. But then I remembered it now and looked it up in google.

Well, most of it seems right. Except for the “they hate laziness” part.

Bored and bothered

Nowadays my life has been a friggin roller-coaster ride. Some days, it is smooth-sailing aka night-shift, then other times, it’s like a hurricane aka morning shift.

Anyway, minus the workload, last week was a blast. Thursday night I went out with friends. We drank ourselves silly. Then on the weekend, we went to a beach in Batangas. Although we didnt exactly swim on the beach, we did so many activities enough to keep us satisfied. Kayak, beach volleyball, billiards, table tennis, swim pool. The best part was the jamming at night. I know it sounds silly but for a moment there, I felt infinite. And also for a moment it kept my mind off of things I do not want to face yet.

And then we got back on Sunday and to reality. 

Calm before the storm

Despite the havoc this shift caused my sleeping pattern, it remains as one of my precious moment.

As I work at night, I think I am more productive and more insightful.

Since at night, there’s little hustle and bustle, it’s a new mouthfeel and experience for me. Now I am sure that I am always and have been always a nocturnal thinker and worker.

Night shift

After 11 months in the plant, this is my first taste of night shift. :)

When morning shifts are anything but peace, they say that night shifts equate melancholy.

And the way my life boat is rowing right now, I need this much-awaited tranquility. 

But of course, I could never sacrifice quality work and that extra push.

This should balance my stress level. :)