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Hello! I am Megan.
I graduated Chemical Engineering in UP Diliman. I am a visionary.

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Fate Happened

Here I am, on a Sunday shift in the office overlooking our department. Six months had passed since I entered this company. Truth be told, I am still weighing my feelings over my current work. I am now a Production Supervisor by the way. If I give you a bird’s eyeview on what I do as a Supervisor, I can’t promise that it won’t take so much of your time.

Everyday is intense here. Sometimes I love the atmosphere, the busy busy atmosphere brought upon by people working hard to earn money. Some days I wonder about the “what could have been’s” if I accepted the job as management trainee in a cigarette company I previously applied for. Other days I imagine myself as truly and technically applying my course in my job. Nevertheless, I am planning to learn as much as I can here. 

Management is not easy. If I want a career out of it, I know that there are lots of sacrifices to be made, lots of projects to be accomplished and lots of goals to be achieved. People expect nothing less from me and I have to deliver every single time.

Anyway, I said it already but I’ll say it again. I know that fate will stir me in the best direction I’ve ever hoped for, and hopefully ‘ll just figure things out as I go along.

Fate happens

I mentioned in my last post that I gave myself a deadline for landing a job. Well lucky for me, I got it the last minute. Finally, a job that I want in a company I admire. :)

This week marks my final bum days. Happy days are over, brother. Say hello to Monday to Sat trainings then review on Sundays. Yes friends, no social life for me. And all for the sake of career(or PERA lang talaga). Hmm I don’t have a concrete plan of what to do and how to do it yet. But hopefully I’ll figure it out as I go along. 

I fervently hope that I could balance a work-study life. I’m planning to kill it on work. I’m also looking forward to the Board exams.

Well, I believe fate will stir me to what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. This will be an exciting chapter on my book.


*on my review

*(other grammar errors. too lazy to check)

Anyway, I apologize for having grammar errors on my posts esp on twitter. HAHA TBH, I feel like Pinoy Grammar Nazis are try-hards and well, uh, try-hards. English is not our first language, give our race a break!


I am free? A post-Indepence-Day-but-not-related-to-Independence-Day Post

Blessing or Bollocks?

A month and a half went by since I graduated from college. Truth be told, it was really exhilarating. Having all these time to do things (by things I mean, read novels, watch movies and series, reconnect with friends, mall, and list goes on and on) and knowing you don’t need to follow strict deadlines and schedules.(I used to do this on college, else, I wont survive) But sometimes, I feel like time stretches so much and moments are passing and my mind keeps popping “What have you done today, really?”.

Prize or a Price to Pay?

My plan is to land a job while reviewing for the Board Exam on November. Why so? 1) To be financially independent from my parents, a step towards maturity I suppose 2) Because I really need to keep myself busy, else I’ll combust. But you know, getting a job(not just any job, but a job that I want) is a bit tricky right now. So I am giving myself a deadline. If comes July and I dont have a company yet, I’ll focus in my review first.

Grin or Chagrin?

Today, I am confronted by the most baffling of questions. With this sudden surge of free time, is it a good thing? A chance to relax and study and perhaps rethink my goals in life? Or is it a bad cruel joke? 

I guess the answers to the questions above will depend on me and me alone. I can’t really say what will happen on the near future but I’ll keep you posted someday, somehow. :)


Heeeeeeey people! Miss me? That’s funny because I have no followers.

Never really got the chance and the brain cells to work out a blog here for a loooong hell of a time.

Anyway,lemme just tell you about graduation. I graduated BS Chemical Engineering last Monday. In a nutshell, it was really eventful for me yet anticlimactic. When we were still in for the long haul aka plant design/thesis days, people really looked forward into getting their sablays and marching. Then came the day and people walked out right after they were given their certificates. 

I guess the actual graduation never really mirrored the freedom they feel for actually coming out of the university. I, too, felt that the event was too contrite. It was sort of a cliched event of reminders. Reminding everyone to commit to the nation. To give back.

I think, these messages need not to be reinstated in grad day if it’s really embedded within the students right from the very start. 

But I stayed. That was my first role on giving back to the nation. The first step really is to get your certificate as a successful Iskolar ng Bayan. If a 3 hour event can’t keep you to your seats, how much more when you are serving the people?